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Blessing Boxes

Care Packages tailored to families in need of
assistance and support

Each blessing box is uniquely tailored to the recipient, the personalised contents are holistic-focused and eco conscious to support whole-person health and wellbeing of each child or family. 

Blessing boxes are designed to bless lives, to help bring a balance and more harmony to those children and teens who may need emotional, sensory and stress support, and who have little financial assistance


Our blessing boxes can look different for each individual, with tools and therapies which support the whole-persons health and emotional well-being. 




Opening a Gift

Children's Blessing Box

  • EMR (Electric Magnetic Radiation) bio energetic protection

  • Essential Oils and products for sensory and sleep support

  • Vouchers for holistic therapies, guided by their caregivers

  • Product’s for personal and emotional wellbeing

  • Other items tailored for the child and their family situation

We are very grateful for the donations and contributions which help us offer these Blessing boxes to those who require the support. Businesses and individuals can choose to donate a denominational amount or how many care packages they wish to donate.

Let us know your needs so we can tailor a Blessing Box to support you on this journey. 

You are also able to Buy a blessing box for your child or someone you know in need.

Connect with us to order 

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