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About TAO

A woman playing with two children in the grass.

TAO Charitable Trust

More children and teens have high needs, neurological conditions and lack of emotional support, than ever before. Many cannot cope. We commit to providing authentic Holistic Care and Support for the whole child and teen - mind, body and soul 

Holistic Support of Children and Their Families

Deeply supportive holistic care available to any family who needs our help. With TAO by their side, children and their caregivers know they matter, they are supported and can receive care of mind, body and soul.


Professional Services, Accessible to All

The TAO Trust was formed to provide professional services across holistic therapies and self-care in safe-haven environments that are the foundation of unconditional support. We are the future of care, just as our children are the future of our communities.

Trust. Knowing there is ​accountability and a safe, secure system supporting each individual.

Align. Align with a collective vision for a world of oneness and change of consciousness.

Oneness. We are all one - unique individuals coming together for a common cause for our human family.


TAO Charitable Trust

The TAO Vision

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Who are we

Our TAO Trustees

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Jocelyn Oades


Mark Birtwistle


Livia Bagoly


Susan Banbury


Holistic wellness facilitator,  Reiki Master teacher, author & speaker, doTERRA NZ founder, AromaTouch Technique trainer


MetroPort Rugby International for Manu Samoa. Chairman, Manu Samoa Old Boys Association. Forwards Skill & Technical Coach, International Rugby Academy.


Reiki Master practitioner, beauty and massage therapist, Certified AromaTouch Technique practitioner


Founder of the Resilient Family Method, Family Resilience Coach

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